Kazakhstan: Export and import in January - October with countries outside Eurasian Economic Union

According to the analysis of data by the Federal Customs Service of Kazakhstan, conducted by Zerno.Ru, in 10 months (January - October) 2018 the foreign trade with countries outside CU zone is like follows:

  • import of wheat and meslin (HS code 1001) has made 0.57 thousand MT, export - 4595.55 thousand MT
  • import of barley (HS code 1003) has made 0.02 thousand MT, export - 1248.07 thousand MT
  • import of wheat flour and rye flour (HS code 1101) has made 0.28 thousand MT, export - 1768.65 thousand MT

Export and import of Kazakhstan with main countries outside CU zone in 10 months 2018

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